domingo, noviembre 06, 2016

The pendung long swing part II

Back in November 2008, I wrote The pendulum long swing just because I didn't believe that passing from white to black was going to end with no backslash. You know what a backslash is: going exactly the same way you came here, but in opposite direction. America needs tomorrow enormous amounts of energy and determination to contradict the basic law of political mechanics: It's not about what is it, but about what people think it is. And seems that many feel that this tycoon with even less experience than Obama in his first term, a man who even oozes his hair in gold and proudly announces it's clever not to share, may lead the revolt against the same establishment that has been allowing, even admiring, people like him to exist and grow. They ultimately think he can make America great AGAIN. That is, he can lead the pendulum in its way back to some past time that we all know it's never to come back.

Now, after the disastrous attempt to turn back time that Brexit represents in the United Kingdom, we are in the very verge to witness the same in the United States of America. This is not "America at its best" as some influential magazines dubbed the Obama-McCain election. This is an even bigger, even wider, even riskier, pendulum long swing that makes me wonder where are we ultimately bound.