lunes, mayo 02, 2011

Obama says he killed Osama (and it's a good day for America)

Yeah, this Nobel Peace Prize climbed to the spotlight and said that the United States, as a whole, had conducted the killing of Osama Bin Laden, responsible for the death of 'thousands of innocent men, women and children'. In fact, since Osama never faced a jury, and never will, we will have to believe the words of Obama. We will even believe how useful was, after all, to keep all those men kidnapped at Guantanamo, since they gave the crucial hint for the chase after some mild torture. And just some hours later, the body of Osama was said to have been thrown to the sea, and the pictures showing him dead may or may not be released to the public opinion, this bunch of stupids that needs to be protected from the truth.

For a country where people still believes Elvis Presley to be alive, that could be a bit too much of confidence!

Many western leaders took a chance on Osama killing to express condolences by the victims of terrorism, but the killing itself took a life of a woman allegedly used as human shield by Osama, for who no one expressed regret of any kind.

All that may sound quite a bit ironical: Some simple maths show that about 303 times as many people have been killed in Afghanistan and Iraq than in the ghastly attacks of September 11, 2001, and more than 130 times as many people have been killed in these wars and occupations than in all terrorist attacks in the world from 1993-2004, according to data compiled by the US State Department.

More recent figures are un-available — after the 2004 report showed terrorism at an all-time high, numerous experts suggested that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were fueling an increase in terrorism, and subsequent State Dept terror tallies have remained classified.

Is this the justice many people mean when citing the Osama death?

I advocate for the banning of all wars, for the banning of any action that may lead to innocent victims no matter which country they live in. I advocate for a multination police corps able to deter any individual or government becoming a thread to his community or the world. As simple as that.

Yes, I understand that may throw to the basket of oblivion all our armies, weapons and multibillion dollar war businesses. But... wouldn't you sign for that with me?