lunes, febrero 15, 2010

An American life

"My ex lost the best thing that he ever had which is me. and i find it so funny he came in and fixed my gas heater for me told me he wasnt in no hurry for a devorce and that he had 2 girlfriends that he only sees his fat ass whore 5 days a week and hes seeing a 22 year old woman with a baby where he works . that he was gonna tell his fat ass whore on his next days off he wanted to bring his new girlfriend along home to celebrate his birthday that if she says no fuck her shes gone hes gonna stay with his new girlfriend in pennslyvania. shes getting what she deserves he said he also wishes shed get her a boyfriend. and to think he told the lawyers he cheated on me cause he was lookin for luv he has no idea what luv is but im sure he knows he lost a good thing

also hes changed cause while married to me he was so jealous accussed me constantly of other men hed smell my underware when id go to town"