miércoles, noviembre 05, 2008

The pendulum long swing

It will be noted deep into the future that a big empire under siege by someone called Osama chose someone called Obama as a chief commander.

Well, it did not came that fast. For almost a decade before that happened, the son of a former commander ruled the country into two different wars, a global financial collapse and a dire recession. Why was he appointed for two terms will also be discussed for many years.

Obama, on his side, had no executive experience at all when he was appointed. But he was able to move cheering crowds worldwide, not because of his political standpoints, but because of his personal inspiration. Helping to spread around his own success story, they were millions of donors and four times as much money as his direct contender for the job.

But, simply having so much money to reach out even traditional enemy grounds was not the key point.

He was able to break into history as the first negro because he had been building momentum, and now was riding a huge and shinning pendulum fast upwards. So much fear, so much anger, so much deception sprung him to the skies after an endless campaign, just as it had served to his ill-fated predecessor.

Can he deliver? will Obama live up to his promises? Can the pendulum reach the top, and stay there still?

Remember, o thou mortal soul, that everything that swings out, sooner or later will swing in.