miércoles, agosto 20, 2008

The Sony VPL-VW40 Projector

In another post, I commented the steps in building our own home cinema. A key one is to chose the right video projector.

I was looking for top performance on 1080p, with, guess what, a limited budget. From this standpoint, I had already renounced to Sony, due to its reputation of expensively priced. Much to my surprise, I found one of the forerunners, the VPL-VW40 successor to the highly successful VPL-VW50, for 1899 euro in a Sony Gallery, in Barcelona. The unit had been carrying a price tag of 2600 euro since its manufacturing date in may, 2008, so I was delighted on the savings.

Second only to the VPL-VW60, this unit has everything you may need from a top class projector, and right out of the box.

A more technical review can the found at Projector Review, and I will only add my own experiences in unpacking and giving the product its first try.

The packing is very simple, but effective. The VPL-VW40 is a big and heavy projector, maybe double the size of a business presentation projector, but this will not make any problem for its primary use in private dark rooms.

No manual opeations are allowed for focusing, vertical shifting or zooming. You will have to use your remote control or the small set of buttons on the right side of the unit. For horizontal shifting, in the rare case you need it, you will need to work with some screws next to the lens.

This will again make no problem once it is setup in its definitive location.