domingo, enero 27, 2013

Trentemøller: The Power of Sound

I clearly remember the impression it made in me my first rock concert. It was Iggy Pop in Badalona, on May 31, 1979, and my brother Roberto was with me. Iggy jumped into the scenary and then on to the people watching below like a  modern day war genious, his ever naked torso.

Many years later, it came my first symphonic concert. It was the Orquestra Simfònica del Vallès playing some Ravel. Again, I had sort of a vision after it. So many people playing at the same time with so much incredibly precision and harmony amazed me. The music, the performance was so Oh!....

From those times, numberless concerts have come and gone lost somewhere in my memory.

On the early morning of Saturday January, 26th 2013, Danish electronic music producer Anders Trentemøller offered a DJ set session at the Barcelona Nitsa club following resident DJ Fra. It was a six hours high power sound wall for a crowded house that didn't allow Trentemøller to stop before 6 AM. And I spent all that time dancing like those tribal ceremonies around the bonfire, trying to find a place on the floor, but it was almost impossible. I was curious about this particular artist after having discovered him accidentally in Youtube and having talked about him with Sepiamusic Alma mater and neighbour Michael Adler Miltersen, so I took the effort to stand on a line and pass several security checks for the first time in many years.

The beauty of those one-man shows is the combination of machine - organic rythms that appeal to the inner primal human being and its unique and never returning nature, just like those sand Mandalas that are created just to be destroyed in order to symbolize the transitory nature of material life. And Trentemøller understands that very well.

When I walked off the place, it was raining, some people were dealing with maria and flowers just in front of the security guards, and my ears had a continuous tone that disappeared after a while. I think they call this ringing noise Tinnitus.

This was my 1st DJ session ever if you don't consider Kraftwerk concerts, but I had again that vision; The dream continues.

Photos Diego Rodríguez