miércoles, mayo 27, 2009

Massive Destruction Weapons

The North Korean regime has now exploded a number of atomic bombs and launched around several missiles. Its neighbors, frightened, yelling in dismay, calling the US to honor the protection contract they signed long ago.

Is this crossing the line? Is this serious enough to trigger any force action from the US security system?

In the past, this kind of actions have only taken place where there is a good enough plunder in a poor enough nation. Quick payoff, they say. Of course, this goes sometimes not as foreseen, and there you get endless bloodsheds, like Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan.

North Korea qualifies superbly as poor nation, just like the ones just listed. It is in fact, the poorest in the world. But this humble flower is got too many nuclear thorns now to arise the US military appetite.

So now, what? Don't even try to make an appeal on international or human rights. Don't claim against nuclear proliferation or Massive Destruction Weapons imminent threads.

The international scene main actor, the US, lost its creditl ong ago .

Exactly, on August the 6th, 1945.