domingo, abril 01, 2007

UFO over Twin Cities

Yes, this is a true aerial phenomena.

On August 19, 2004, a local TV station reported an unknown object hovering very high over Saint Paul and Minneapolis.

During all that day, this very large ballon-shaped object appeared to be rotating well over the cirrus clouds scattered in the sky. Many people could see it up there, silent, going nowhere. No one, the Federal Aviation Administration or any one else returned any explanation.

I liked this story, even if I couldn't find any footage or additional information. It seems to reflect the sense of eerie uncertainty that people feel before the unknown when it suddenly appears on their routine lives.

This very same day, two minarets of the Imam Ali Mosque in Najaf had been damaged during fights between ocuppation US forces and the Al-Mahdi Army of Muqtada Al-Sadr.

There were, obviously, no known relationship between these two events.