miércoles, abril 11, 2007

The host and the parasites

Corporate organism, namely companies, are said to search actively a kind of symbiotic associations called 'Mutualism', so each part benefits the other.

But more often, the companies fall prey of a pure ‘parasitism’, the worst kind of symbiosis. Once such a corporation gets infected with them, there's not known way to stop or limit its widespread action.

And among the worst kinds of parasites, there are the consultants. But other forms of infection can be represented by oversized internal shared services departments.

Once they infect a company, a colorful scheme of symptoms gets evident. The top management falls into an endless quest for more projects and certifications to get. We all have seen that quite often.

But... why do corporations get so easily infected?

There is a list of usual reasons for that. In one word, all of them consist of converting the parasitism in the old good symbiosis, just changing the actors and putting the company aside.

The top managers are stakeholders of the consulting companies either by retroinfecting them or even creating them for the sole purpose of infecting the companies they rule, increasing their gains and power beyond the board of directors.

The top managers use the consulting companies as firewalls to limit their own responsibility.