miércoles, enero 05, 2005


Along the Centuries, many countries have sought and exercised a leading role in civilization.

No one questions that XX Century was the American Century. One could even mark one day on the calendar, August 6, 1945 as the starting point of the American dominance. That day was also the dimmest in the Human history because never before and never after no people caused so many casualties so indiscriminately among any other people.

Many more wars since then, well deep into a new Century, people around the globe look at the examples that USA and EU societies are casting over the world. It's time for a deep debate on which model do we want for the development and growth in the future. To determine which social, economical and political model brings more opportunities to plain people. This will not be a battle between Americans and Europeans. People ties, mutual appreciation, common values and roots are too strong for that. It's just a debate on which path do we have to follow from now on.

It's time to chose.